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  Vocal Fusion

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Vocal Fusion is currently inactive as we reevaluate the program.
There are no immediate plans to relaunch the program at this time.

About Vocal Fusion

Vocal Fusion is a performance-based ensemble that performs a variety of vocal music while working to fine tune student individual vocal and performance abilities inside a group setting. Many students may be given opportunities to solo and movement will be a big part of this new program. We have two instructors to allow greater impact and contact time with each member. We expect a love of singing and performing and are able to strengthen a student’s knowledge of music and performing abilities inside our group.

Vocal Fusion is sponsored by the Colts Youth Organization, and as such, offers an opportunity for success and achievement for motivated and committed young people. This program is for those who desire a profound musical and performance experience beyond what is available in school music. A desire for excellence and a commitment to work hard with regular attendance are required for the success of the group and the individual members. Membership allows tremendous growth as musicians, performers, confident individuals and leaders. 

Members of Vocal Fusion are in grades 3-8. There is no audition for placement in the vocal group, but members are expected to be team players and willing to work inside the group to improve. Each student’s vocal range is checked individually, early in our season, to ensure proper part assignment for the singer's natural voice. Regular attendance at rehearsals and performances with a positive attitude is expected from all members.

How Do I Join?

An open house is held at the beginning of each season.  Interested individuals are invited to participate in a rehearsal, or simply contact the Colts office. Once you try a couple of rehearsals and decide this is for you, you will be asked to turn in a membership agreement with your tuition. It’s as easy as that! Try us out with no obligation before you decide anything.

When and Where Do We Practice?

Vocal Fusion rehearses at Prescott Elementary School. Rehearsals start in October and end in early May. 


The choir performs throughout the year at a variety of venues and festivals throughout the Dubuque area, and on occasion outside our local community. In addition, during given opportunities, we may partner and perform with other performance organizations.

Second semester rehearsals begin in January following Christmas vacation, leading up to a spring schedule that includes a local school tour. We often end our season with a special out of town trip.

Other performance opportunities have included singing the National Anthem at local Colts competitions in the summer and other invitations that are added as we go.

On occasion, we have the opportunity to perform out of town and a special trip may be taken in the spring. When we travel, we take Colts buses, and travel costs are subsidized by the Colts. A Spring trip is usually scheduled over a school vacation day or on a weekend and there may be a small charge for special events associated with this event. The bus travel for all trips is covered in full by the Colts.


Patti Millius, Vocal Fusion Co-Director: (563) 582-8748
Vicki Schaffer, Colts Youth Programs Director: (563) 582-4872

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